Career Coaching and Resume Development

First, a style note doubling as a disclaimer about that heading. While the word “resumes” still officially has two accent marks in some of the key grammar style guides, i.e., résumés, we’re not including them here for two reasons: 1) most people don’t type them or can’t be bothered with trying to find the accent on a mobile device and 2) in much of the U.S., the unaccented form is preferred—and the accented form is thought of as somewhat affected—which is the last impression any of us want to make.

Personal branding from a career perspective is key to getting where you want to go. What does count is that you use strategically selected resources to help you craft your career path. Being proactively realistic and savvy can help optimize your results and minimize your disappointments—and we can work with you to help you discern what makes sense and how to position you to enhance the odds that you will get the interviews you seek and do well when you have them. Your brand is reflected in everything that has your name on it, with your LinkedIn profile being your virtual doorway and your resume not only being consistent with that profile but also a compelling tool to showcase and quantify your accomplishments.

A prospective employer should be able to look at your LinkedIn profile and resume and your other social media and get a sense of how you are different and potentially better than the competition—which, in this case, is other candidates. We can help you to create an accurate reflection of what you have to offer in addition to helping prep you for interview questions and address potentially awkward queries from a prospective employer.