Public Relations (PR) & Social Media

Many companies miss the opportunity of getting their name out to the right audience through supporting their advertising and marketing efforts with a public relations effort because they think it takes a large budget to do so. It doesn’t have to, as many of our clients have discovered after working with us.

We offer affordable, professional PR services for firms who don’t need a full-time, full-on campaign yet want to be more effective in portraying who they are, what’s happening at their firms–e.g., new hires, pro bono support of community efforts, new and different product or service offerings that are not just an advertisement but likely to be of genuine interest to the business community. Ensuring that your social media messaging is well thought out and consistent with your marketing plan and your image is also key to conveying a clear, quality impression of who you are and what you can do to help your prospective clients. Harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog posts, and other social media tools in the correct way is an important part of a comprehensive marketing effort. We can help map out appropriate content for you AND ensure that it is written and communicated in the right way, as well.

As with all of your communications–whether in print, in person, or on the Web–it’s important to be consistent and highly targeted so you don’t just “add to the noise” but really convey something of interest to others. We’re here to help you make that happen in a way that stays true to your objectives using language and messaging your audience wants to hear.

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