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We specialize in making you look good while you’re busy making your company or your clients look good!

Who hasn’t suffered the embarrassment of finding that critical typo or phrase that could be misunderstood just after going to press or doing that mailing? Even the best and most meticulous writers find it virtually impossible to effectively copyedit and proofread their own work. Our brains know too much about the subject matter and are “gracious” enough to self-correct for us. This can cost us time, money, and even a client or two. Clients and prospects are too difficult to find and too important to lose over something so readily controlled! Plus, whether you’re a printer, an ad agency, or an in-house PR or marketing or other corporate department, thorough document review (copyediting and proofreading) before printing saves money and makes good sense and may avoid costly reprints!.

We offer a broad range of marketing, rebranding/name ideation, and copy-related services on a freelance basis, including the following:

Advertising and Marketing Copywriting Services

We offer a full range of copywriting services for a variety of applications with specific emphasis and expertise in marketing- and advertising-related pieces for print collateral or Web content. We conduct a review of existing materials and, if desired or deemed appropriate, a review of competitors’ materials to fully understand the environment in which YOUR message will be seen.
Creative Rebranding, Name Ideation, and Tagline-Development Services
We have a very-successful track record in naming or renaming products, companies, corporate programs, or service offerings in addition to development of corporate taglines that synthesize in a succinct and appealing way what you and your organization do!

Marketing Consulting Services

Our diverse experience working with firms and creative agencies of virtually any size in multiple operating areas makes us a great asset to your firm whether it’s writing/assisting with business plans, creating the messaging for marketing and promotional materials, or helping you identify who the ideal target for your product or services might be.

Copyediting and Proofreading Services With a Difference

There is a huge advantage to having your advertising, marketing, Website content, prospecting letters, manuals, or other promotional material copyedited and proofread by someone who also has marketing background. It’s NOT just about commas and semicolons – though using them correctly is important to conveying your message. Our work takes full advantage of many years of marketing and advertising experience to make sure you look good! This is where we can help you tweak and refine copy written by someone on your team or one of your clients to ensure that it’s accurate and consistent with other related materials, if need be. We can supply you with expert-quality work on a freelance basis. We will agree as to what level of copyediting or proofreading you want done. (We can also help you with “wordsmithing” or copywriting if you’re overloaded with work or lack an in-house copywriter.) Our unique qualifications include extremely varied experience in a number of industries with particularly depth in the food industry and foodservice coupled with an MBA and experience in a multitude of operating areas in large and small firms in addition to creative agencies. The following descriptions are very general; please contact us for more information regarding levels within and beyond these categories.

  • Copyediting entails a line-by-line examination of a document or manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conformity to style. The language can be polished and the writer’s meaning clarified, if needed. The first review of existing material is considered to be copyediting, and, in most cases, we create a personalized style guide for your firm or agency to help ensure consistency for your materials or for those you develop for each of your clients.
  • Proofreading consists of reviewing the final keyboarded version or proof against the source document, if available, to find typographical errors (typos!) as well as any deviations from typesetting instructions. Errors are marked for correction. We will also query any inconsistencies or editorial errors that we find. Good proofreading requires knowledge and vigilance!

Let The Gordon Group, LLC, be your last line of defense and your marketing partner!

You are likely to find that it is less expensive to use us than not to. (By the way, that sentence was a good example of some poetic license with the language; it ended in a preposition.) Good grammar doesn’t need to strangle your creativity, but it can help assure that the impression you create with your written words is a positive one. Mistake-laden copy tends to cast doubt on the quality-assurance systems within a firm as they apply to their own products or services. Don’t short-circuit your business and marketing plans by communicating the wrong image. We can be that “fresh set of eyes” that can help protect you. An error-prevention system is almost mandatory as today’s competitive environment may preclude our getting a second chance to communicate. We will prepare a custom style guide for you that will be a helpful reference tool for future projects so that even your first drafts will be more consistent.

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