Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Perhaps the best way to describe what we do and how we can help you is to illustrate it through some of the questions we’ve been asked in the past and share our answers with you, as follows:

How could my firm work with you?

If your firm is using the English language to try to get the message out about your product or service whether it’s in print, on the Web, in an e-mail blast, or via another method, we can help you refine your message and ensure you will be speaking to the right audience and then find just the right words and style to communicate effectively.

Services are available to clients virtually anywhere who are using American English to communicate. We apply our professional copyediting and proofreading skills while also ensuring that good marketing principles are being utilized in the messaging based upon your target audience. You can submit your work to us as a Microsoft Word document into which we can directly enter any needed fixes and note any recommendations OR you can send it as an unlocked PDF, which can then be edited with text-edit boxes using Adobe Acrobat Professional. Oftentimes, we are also able to convert a PDF into a Word document if there is no Word source document available for our review and you prefer to have us enter the fixes rather than just noting them in Acrobat. If we’ve converted the PDF to Word, you or your design team can just flow the new, approved copy into the layout.

We do recommend using Word for editing whenever possible as it saves you and/or your creative team both time and effort while minimizing the likelihood that new errors may be inadvertently introduced. For Word documents, we will send you two versions: one shows all of the fixes as well as any queries and another version that accepts all of the fixes and leaves only the highlighted queries for you to address.

How do you charge for services?

While we do have standard hourly rates that apply to our marketing consulting, public relations, copywriting, name ideation/branding, copyediting, and proofreading services, we are happy to provide you with a written estimate so that you know how much your project will cost without going too far down a tunnel with uncertain costs at the end as many clients find working with a flat rate better suits their budget planning. Please write us and describe your project, and we’ll be happy to get back to you promptly with an estimate.

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