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Sometimes a word may not look quite right because there’s more than one accepted version…

…but be sure you know which style guide you, your company, or your client is using as even though there may be two “officially” accepted versions as noted in this article it may not be right for your project.

For example, that article indicates that “acknowledgment” and “acknowledgement” are both acceptable but many people would think that the second one had an error. It’s worth double-checking as it may not be consistent with the style that has been used in the past and one of the golden rules of grammar and style is to be consistent–even if you’re consistently “wrong” based upon a specific style you’ve adopted.

A great article from PR Daily… tips for avoiding low-hanging jargon!

Trend Report: 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives–from JWTIntelligence @Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012

Click the link then on the image to access the 45-page “trendletter” 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives from the JWT Global Task Force and Will Palley, viagra 60mg physician trends strategist for JWTIntelligence, at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

Test Your Vocabulary Mettle With Merriam-Webster Name That Thing Quizzes!

Have a bit of fun vocabulary testing (or learning, as the case may be!) with Merriam-Webster’s free Name That Thing quizzes!

From PR Daily: Put that jargon to good use: play “Word Quest”!

From PR Daily: Put that jargon to good use: play “Word Quest” in your next meeting!

Of course, it’s generally best to AVOID using jargon when talking to people outside your specialty area, but this lets you have some fun with it when you’re not at risk of making your listener (or reader) feel uninformed!

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