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Here’s a great piece on offering value in B2B sales from social-selling rock star @jill_rowley:

Want to know how the best salespeople do it? We asked a range of sales experts—including Salesforce’s network of talented guest authors, influencers, and our own sales employees — for their best sales tips. We then rounded up these genius tips in a new e-book, 100 Sales Tips for 2016. We asked sales experts for their #1 sales tip. Here’s what they said in this @Salesforce Blog post

Just part of the piece is here… click through to read more. Jill Rowley’s commentary in the screen capture below (“It’s not just who you know, but what you know about who you know. Use social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about your buyers’ interests, skills, experience, common connections, shared groups, education, and circle of influence.” Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist & Startup Advisor in case it’s a bit tough to see) is more important than ever if you’re genuinely going to provide value in a customized, consultative way to prospects and customers.

Jill Rowley and Salesforce Blog B2B Sales Tips


A great article from PR Daily… tips for avoiding low-hanging jargon!

LinkedIn Answers As a Resource…

This is a GREAT piece on how to use LinkedIn Answers. Though it was originally published in 2010–it’s still valid, and Social Media Explorer’s Jason Falls (@JasonFalls) cites that “LinkedIn Answers is probably one of the most effective, yet underused ways to build credibility and generate qualified leads using social media”–and many social media gurus agree as it’s also a way to reinforce your expertise and pay it forward in the areas in which you specialize. It’s not just about business development, for sure, though it’s definitely an asset for those in sales.

Trend Report: 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives–from JWTIntelligence @Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012

Click the link then on the image to access the 45-page “trendletter” 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives from the JWT Global Task Force and Will Palley, viagra 60mg physician trends strategist for JWTIntelligence, at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

How do you pronounce these 21 whimsical words (from PR Daily)?

How do you pronounce these 21 whimsical words (from PR Daily)?

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