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30 Phrases NOT to use at Work! (You’re bound to recognize most of these…)

Here’s Advanced Performance Institute founder Bernard Marr’s list of 30 phrases to NOT use at work, including “move the needle,” “dive deeper,” or go after low-hanging fruit”

LinkedIn Answers As a Resource…

This is a GREAT piece on how to use LinkedIn Answers. Though it was originally published in 2010–it’s still valid, and Social Media Explorer’s Jason Falls (@JasonFalls) cites that “LinkedIn Answers is probably one of the most effective, yet underused ways to build credibility and generate qualified leads using social media”–and many social media gurus agree as it’s also a way to reinforce your expertise and pay it forward in the areas in which you specialize. It’s not just about business development, for sure, though it’s definitely an asset for those in sales.

Free LinkedIn Webinar Tuesday, 2/22, from a true LinkedIn pro, Networking Coach Jan Vermeiren

Great, FREE Webinar from one of the world’s premier LinkedIn experts, Jan Vermieren: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn Tuesday, 2/22/11, at 1:30 p.m. MST

Jan Vermieren is recognized around the world AND by LinkedIn as one of the premier experts, and he is hosting another free Webinar Tuesday, February 22. Please double-check as the Webinar schedule features some in English and some in Dutch–the English seems a bit easier to follow in Boise. Times posted are European times–so this Tuesday’s is at 1:30 p.m., MST, on February 22, 2011, but please double check.

I was so impressed with his seminar last year that I bought his book three minutes into it and feature it on the Resources page of my own Website as it’s such a great book even for professionals who are new to LinkedIn. He has more-updated info on his site. I highly recommend this even to people who are fairly familiar with and effective with LinkedIn. The calendar link follows and here’s the description of the free Webinar:

Many people still wonder what to do with LinkedIn. That’s why I wrote How to REALLY use LinkedIn and publish updates (at no cost) about it on a regular basis. Since the information in the book is so important and especially in these times where many people are looking for a new job, new customers, new employees and ways to do their job faster, I gladly share my knowledge through web seminars, also at no cost.

You can access this Web.

Free Blogging Webinar Tuesday, 1/18/11, from Michael Stelzner and two other social-media gurus!

There is a free Webinar 1/18/11 at 1 p.m. EST entitled 9 Companies Doing Blogging Right and What You Need to Know with Rick Calvert, Dave Cynkin, and Michael Stelzner. You can sign up here–and even if you won’t be available at the time of the Webinar–they’ll provide you with the link to the content.

This no-obligation Webinar is a precursor to their 2011 Blogging Success Summit–but it’s open to everyone with some great content regardless of whether you opt in for the full summit. I’ve participated in one of Stelzner’s other Summits–the Social Media Summit–and it featured some of the world’s top experts and users and also granted you access to an incredibly proactive community of fellow participants through their special LinkedIn group.

Helpful Twitter tool and other great resources through Verizon, LinkedIn, Perry Marshall, and others!

Just a quick note as heavily enmeshed in Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner Social Media Success Summit 2010 #SMSS10… One of the participants in the group’s LinkedIn discussion board mentioned having had great success with in the spirit of reciprocity! There have been so many excellent Webinars and teleconferences lately–some free and some not–but the overall caliber of the presenters and the content has been fabulous.

The power of LinkedIn to connect with fellow professionals, prospective clients, employers, and so much more is impressive, and there’s always more to learn! By the way, there is an active and intriguing group of professional women on LinkedIn under the group name ForbesWoman–very proactive and interested in learning about and supporting each other. And, Verizon’s Small Business Center has had a series of Webinars as well as a forum. Guy Kawasaki just presented last week with some new tools for managing and finding pertinent information to your areas of interest. Perry Marshall has also offered some thorough and helpful content on AdWords. Webinars such as these are a great way for reaffirming your role as a thought leader in your areas of expertise and for building relationships (and mailing lists!). Thanks to all of you who “get it” that giving and sharing your knowledge benefits all of us while enhancing credibility and engendering appreciation! : – )

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