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Welcome to 2018… home of the “youthquake”

Just a quick update to celebrate 2018 and share with you some words and terms that have become official, courtesy of Oxford Dictionaries. See more here:

With all of the stress and craziness and general buzz and busy most of us are contending with, using language correctly when we seek to connect with each other can be a real asset, so may the (word) Force be with you.

And, while you’re at it in our quest for ways to keep your language fresh and current, see more new additions from 2017 here:

WDYT? (See the second link above for what that’s all about.)

A great article from PR Daily… tips for avoiding low-hanging jargon!

Welcome to the 9th Annual National Punctuation Day!

Welcome to the 9th annual National Punctuation Day! According to organizers, the holiday “celebrates the lowly comma, correctly used quotes, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious ellipsis.”

There’s even a punctuation challenge. Click here for more info!

Mignon Fogarty: Grammar Tips: 7 Words You’re Probably Misusing (plus learn what it means when a phrase gets skunked!)

Check out this piece from Mignon Fogarty aka Grammar Girl on Huffington Post: “Mignon Fogarty: Grammar Tips: 7 Words You’re Probably Misusing” and there’s an added bonus because the explanation for one of them (see Just Desserts!) has some good insight into when a phrase gets “skunked.” Click through to see what that’s about, and you’re likely to find that it’s really safest to stop using any version of the phrase as part of the population is going to always think you’re wrong regardless which way you go with it!

It’s also a good guideline to follow when you’re writing copy, too–even if you’re technically right on a usage point–if it’s going to make people think you’re wrong, recast/reorder/rewrite the sentence or find another way to word it that will leave your readers at peace and getting the message.″ title=”7 Words You’re Probably Misusing”

How do you pronounce these 21 whimsical words (from PR Daily)?

How do you pronounce these 21 whimsical words (from PR Daily)?

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