I’m Nancy Teton Gordon, owner of The Gordon Group, LLC (and Recruiting Director for Harlan Recruiting Group), and I bring my diverse array of corporate and freelance experience to my work with clients of all sizes to help increase their professional credibility in the marketplace or make them stand out wherever they are… on the Web, on a package, or in a capabilities brochure. Clients include graphic-design and PR firms, ad agencies, corporate clients, resorts, recruiting candidates, hiring companies, and entrepreneurs. While I primarily work independently, I do have some strategic alliances with other extremely skilled individuals for when the need arises—hence, the “Group” in the business name refers not just to a family of services but also people!

I grew up in the Midwest, having been raised in the Chicago area, and then obtained my BA degree (with honors) from The Ohio State University (OSU) in Psychology. (By the way, “The” really is a part of OSU’s official name, which the university does capitalize.) I then moved to the West Coast and—among other things—worked for Lawry’s Foods for close to 15 years and obtained my MBA with a marketing emphasis at Pepperdine University in their Middle Manager/Key Executive Program while working full time. I subsequently moved to Idaho after being recruited by the J.R. Simplot Company.

Corporate work included work in numerous corporate operating areas, including Human Resources, Operations Analysis, and then Foodservice Marketing. I was Marketing Director at Simplot for the Fruit and Vegetable Division before switching to the potato side of the foodservice business. Much of this work experience entailed heavy involvement with the creation, editing, and proofreading of written marketing and promotional materials, Web content, magazine pieces, and marketing plans from both agency and client perspectives. I’ve worked extensively on the client side of business communications as well as in the creative agency/advertising and publishing arenas. Freelance work has also included a number of successful name ideation/rebranding projects to rename existing products and companies or create names and taglines for new firms, products, services, or in-house initiatives for clients ranging from Tamarack Resort to McGraw-Hill and graphic-design firms with a global scope.

I was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a telecommunications company prior to starting my own businesses, which have included Customized Travel Research, serving as food editor for Boise Magazine and other local publications, and forming The Gordon Group, LLC. I’ve been a contributor to Sunset magazine and numerous other publications in print and on the Web. While my primary focus is devoted to helping clients refine their strategy and appropriately differentiate themselves, copywriting, proofreading, and copyediting materials are also important services for clients in the business and legal sectors who seek to create and convey a quality impression. Such work may include building style guides and identifying which style items are discretionary or “house style” and which need to comply with current standards, utilizing The Gregg Reference Manual as the primary reference. I also have assisted clients with selling high-end collectibles on eBay and am proud of my 100% positive feedback rating. For such clients, I use my research, marketing, and writing skills to best position items for sale in eBay auctions. I work closely with creative agencies (advertising, Web, and graphic-design firms) to write, copyedit, and proofread their materials as well as a range of entrepreneurial and corporate clients’ marketing and PR departments to ensure that their materials meet established standards. I’ve also spoken to a number of organizations about why it really DOES matter if your written materials have a consistent style—particularly with the increase in electronic and new-media communications/social networking… style and accuracy still matter!

I can work remotely with clients virtually anywhere who use American English to communicate to copy edit and proofread materials while still applying sound marketing principles to the content based upon the target audience. Work can be submitted as an editable Microsoft Word document (the preferred form) or in PDF format, which can then either be edited with text edits or converted into a Word document for editing. Recruiting clients can be located virtually anywhere in the United States.

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