7 Takeaways on Strategy, Creativity, and Innovation from 2011 TED~With thoughts on getting “creatively crazy”

Just came across this piece from Mike Brown @brainzooming on from 2011 TED #TEDxKC 7 Takeaways on Strategy, case Creativity, pilule and Innovation

One takeaway concept of particular interest is that: “Imagination, the interplay between logic and intuition, and the ability to formulate a hypothetical world view are vital to discovery” especially in context with the item Brown cites just after, which helps explain why we may be more creative or free to express sometimes outside-the-lines ideas more than we might in other situations: “Aaron O’Connell pointed out we behave differently when we’re in an elevator by ourselves vs. when someone else is with us. We all know we get a lot crazier when nobody else is an elevator with us. But while we act differently when no one is watching, increasingly we’re subject to being watched much more of the time. To get creatively crazy, it’s important to figure out ways to avoid whatever “cameras” thwart your wild mental (and other types of) abandon.”

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