Free LinkedIn Webinar Tuesday, 2/22, from a true LinkedIn pro, Networking Coach Jan Vermeiren

Great, FREE Webinar from one of the world’s premier LinkedIn experts, Jan Vermieren: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn Tuesday, 2/22/11, at 1:30 p.m. MST

Jan Vermieren is recognized around the world AND by LinkedIn as one of the premier experts, and he is hosting another free Webinar Tuesday, February 22. Please double-check as the Webinar schedule features some in English and some in Dutch–the English seems a bit easier to follow in Boise. Times posted are European times–so this Tuesday’s is at 1:30 p.m., MST, on February 22, 2011, but please double check.

I was so impressed with his seminar last year that I bought his book three minutes into it and feature it on the Resources page of my own Website as it’s such a great book even for professionals who are new to LinkedIn. He has more-updated info on his site. I highly recommend this even to people who are fairly familiar with and effective with LinkedIn. The calendar link follows and here’s the description of the free Webinar:

Many people still wonder what to do with LinkedIn. That’s why I wrote How to REALLY use LinkedIn and publish updates (at no cost) about it on a regular basis. Since the information in the book is so important and especially in these times where many people are looking for a new job, new customers, new employees and ways to do their job faster, I gladly share my knowledge through web seminars, also at no cost.

You can access this Web.

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