Free Blogging Webinar Tuesday, 1/18/11, from Michael Stelzner and two other social-media gurus!

There is a free Webinar 1/18/11 at 1 p.m. EST entitled 9 Companies Doing Blogging Right and What You Need to Know with Rick Calvert, Dave Cynkin, and Michael Stelzner. You can sign up here–and even if you won’t be available at the time of the Webinar–they’ll provide you with the link to the content.

This no-obligation Webinar is a precursor to their 2011 Blogging Success Summit–but it’s open to everyone with some great content regardless of whether you opt in for the full summit. I’ve participated in one of Stelzner’s other Summits–the Social Media Summit–and it featured some of the world’s top experts and users and also granted you access to an incredibly proactive community of fellow participants through their special LinkedIn group.

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