Technology tries to save us from ourselves, including ToneCheck that checks your e-mails for tone before you click send!

Here’s a piece from The Week featuring six gadgets designed to save us from ourselves, including free software that will scan your e-mail for content that might be considered impolite. It’s often suggested that we should draft our e-mails with no names filled into the “To” line until you’ve written it, reread it/proofread it, and then are sure it’s really what you want to communicate to avoid inadvertently sending something written in the heat of the moment that might be something to regret later. I’ve had clients hire me to create and document e-mail standards for use within their organizations, and adding the recipients’ names at the end is just one of my recommendations, as well. Sometimes it can just help preclude your sending something that is still in draft mode while on other occasions you may just wish to draft it, save and close it, and revisit it with a bit of a time cushion to revisit what you’ve written and how you wrote it to help minimize misunderstanding or other fallout. (Remember, as always, if you are doing a varied distribution, it is more appropriate to address the e-mail to just Undisclosed Recipients [NO hyphen after Undisclosed and Recipients should be plural, by the way–it’s often used incorrectly] and have that set up in your address book to go to you and then use the BCC [blind carbon copy–a legacy from typewriting days] feature to click recipients’ names for privacy purposes unless each recipient needs to know who else received it for business purposes.)

Bad Decision Blocker is another product mentioned in the article, and it’s designed to prevent someone from calling a boss or other significant person when fatigued or a bit tipsy. Some of these may be amusing, but the overall look into the melding of technology and emotion-laden communication is somewhat intriguing–perhaps a tad like being your own Big Brother?

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