Using poor grammar and style in e-mail cited as one of 10 “Fatal E-Mail Mistakes”…

Dave Johnson on BNET posted a great blog piece entitled “10 Fatal Mistakes Managers Make in E-Mail” (though I feel that these caveats really apply to virtually everyone using e-mail, not just managers). Of course, gotta love that one of them is “Using poor grammar and style”! See

BTW, item #2 on the list refers to using Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) and not burying the lede of your e-mail message too far into the correspondence. BTW, to clarify the “lede” reference, The New York Times blog entitled The Lede describes it as follows: “. . . a newspaper’s front page is the main story; the lede of an article is the way it begins: the statement of facts or the anecdote that the writer lays out to lead readers into a story.” You can check out that blog @

If your company doesn’t already have an e-mail policy with guidelines in place, it’s a good idea to add one or have one created for you. It’s best to include guidelines regarding what font to use (this can impact how e-mail presents on mobile devices in particular), what contact or signature information should be included, and whether a disclaimer is to be used, etc., as well as what the organization feels should not be included, such as political, sports, or other non-business-related statements or logos of personal interest to the writer, to help ensure a consistent, professional appearance and impression.

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