Patrons DO Notice Typos on Restaurant Menus…

Just a quick post to reaffirm that it’s not just grammar “geeks” who notice typos in the world around them, and restaurant menus are often scrutinized more closely than other written pieces as they are intended to appeal and conjure up a reaction compelling enough to make a diner order a dish or two. I came across a blog post from Jonathan Kauffman on the San Francisco Weekly site at about the etiquette of letting a restaurant know there are errors on the menu–and it was gratifying to see that a number of people responded as it had bothered them, as well.

There have been other related posts on menu typos that were comical, but this piece addresses situations when the patron was actually uncomfortable and felt it was something the restaurant would want to know as the menu had definitely not be properly proofread before it was printed. Most respondents were trying to find the best way to minimize any embarrassment for the restaurant.

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