In honor of National Grammar Day, March 4—More on the importance of using proper grammar in business communications!

I came across this short piece entitled Using Proper English Grammar Is Important for Businesses at that warrants a look. It emphasizes one key point, which is that while many business owners think that they don’t need to be overly concerned about the grammar, punctuation, and style used in their business communications as if “close” were good enough—poor written communications can actually disable the impression you are working so hard to accomplish.

Of course, as helping clients with refining their messaging on the Web, in advertising and printed collateral, press releases, and in e-newsletters is one of the most-important services I offer, it’s wonderful to see others opine (and evangelize) on the importance of using the language properly.

Though I’ve mentioned Mignon Fogarty—Grammar Girl—in other posts, I still heartily recommend buying her CD set Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Better Business Writing that is featured on the Resources page of my site at as one of the easiest (and actually fun!) ways to brush up on some of the quirks of the English language that can stymie even the best of us. She also has a free e-newsletter that features a language challenge (such as the difference between “flesh out” and “flush out,” which was addressed a couple of weeks ago) and current thinking on the subject, often with amusing examples. She has lots of smarts and humor, and her podcasts are among the most popular in history!

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