Social Networking Newbie!

The shoemaker’s kids have been going barefoot as I wasn’t able to get in to post here for quite some time though busy writing projects for others! I’ve been enmeshed lately in exploring and learning the power of social networking–specifically making some incredible connections via Facebook and putting a toe in the Twitterworld! The free Tweetdeck software has been a nice find, though! Regardless where you are located, check to see if there are Tweetups in your area. These free gatherings that allow those of us who connect on the Web to actually meet each other are a fabulous way to meet people you’ve already connected with electronically but to meet lots of others you might not have otherwise known about. Thanks to the local Tweetup organizers Scott Nicholson and Kevin Wilson for their efforts–if you want to put one together in YOUR city you might want to consider what they did as they made name tags for those of us who RSVPd in advance that had our little photo from Twitter¬† plus our @Twitter name. A bit like a high school reunion! I’ve also found some people who have been off my radar for decades on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and now we can tweet away and build new connections. With the turbulent times posing challenges for so many–this is a great way to humanize the Web whether as a business-building tool or just for some new friends and connections! While my experience with it is primitive compared to many others, I’ve enjoyed “paying it forward” a bit and getting some other associates and friends a bit of help to get started with building an online presence for themselves…

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