The typo vigilantes… the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) AND SPELL

Hi. I found myself partly amused and pleased to read about the recently arrested typo vigilantes… I certainly don’t condone their defacing public monuments and signs in national parks, etc., but in some ways it affirmed the fact that even our younger, up-and-coming communicators who may be used to abbreviating and making up words, initialisms (acryonym-style abbreviations that are pronounced letter by letter rather than as a word), and acronyms for testing with texting in mind DO care about proper grammar, punctuation–and, above all else–the importance of clear and accurate communication. Just in case you miseed it, the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) has been seeking to correct typos on a typo hunt across America, and they defaced (by marking it up to correct) a historic sign as the multiple typos offended them. They felt compelled to try to clean up the errors on this sign (I’ve had that temptation myself on occasion but have restrained from doing so–though sometimes wrestle with when to tell someone that there is an error in their signs, materials, Web content.) That type of feedback is not always welcome!! Much has been written to say that this era of texting and other quick, fast, abbreviated communication will lower the bar on communication, but apparently it’s too soon for the death knell!
If you care about such things, you may wish to check out the venerable SPELL (Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature). It’s not expensive to join and you can even get a copy of their Goof Proofer book–small but mighty and also available on Amazon (you canclick through to Amazon from my site’s Resources page). More info on the organization is available at Members also are provided with Goof Cards, which they can use with grace to let someone know that a typo or grammar issue has been identified. There are lots of ways to help contribute to an upgrade in the use of the language without being offensive or breaking any laws. If anyone has had some experiences with graceful ways to let someone know about an error without causing offense, please feel free to share.


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