The blog is in the house… and the power of press releases in down times!

Just a quick note to celebrate that after an absence of many months due to my site being moved to a new URL and being SEO optimized, a period in which I was advised not to make any site changes or updates, we’re back at full strength at

Watch this space for an updated posting, and thanks for stopping by!

BTW, one of the less-expensive yet effective things you can do to increase awareness of your business with the economy in a shaky place is to take full advantage of the power of public relations with specific emphasis on getting into the habit of having press releases written and distributed to the right markets for you, whether those are geographic or industry specific… I have an increasing number of clients beginning to make press releases a part of their marketing and communications mix, and they may have me write them and they handle the distribution themselves or they have me handle that aspect, as well, freeing up their time to do what they do best. To do it right, care needs to be taken to meld marketing sensibilities with the mechanics of getting releases out to the right places rather than just taking a scattershot approach. Publication editors are generally happy to run them, and it is definitely to your advantage to include a head shot photo. It captures attention and humanizes you! We build press releases in a fashion that makes them work even if they’re cut or truncated due to lack of column inches… become known for what you’ve done. You do need to have a story to tell about something new that will be of genuine interest to the audience, e.g., a new certification that better qualifies you to do what you you do or a new approach that may benefit business owners, rather than just making it a sheer advertisement, so now is not the time to be shy!

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