The Joys and Drawbacks of Using and Being a Freelancer!

Just a bit of a thought contribution on the joys and drawbacks of using and being a freelancer! For clients, having access to one or even a diverse stable of freelance professional talent for an array of projects makes great sense as your workload fluctuates and so does your need for professional (often higher-paid) staff. There are other benefits, though, and one that I firmly believe in is the ability to source new voices and new talents so that your company’s work doesn’t all sound the same with what amounts to, in essence, parroting of words and wording used elsewhere in almost everything else you’ve published. Please don’t misunderstand, though, as it IS critical to have a consistent voice and style to your work–but finding new things to say and new ways to say it while still resonating as “you” keeps your message and products or services fresh. Of course, I may be biased, but there are no drawbacks to using great freelance talent if they know you and understand you and your needs and they LISTEN!

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From the perspective of being a freelancer, there are distinct benefits and potholes in the road… On the benefit side, the ability to work with multiple clients and wear lots of hats is a huge plus (for me, anyway) though there is some inherent financial insecurity compared to someone who has a predictable, 40-hour job. I am fortunate in having had some fabulous clients and would always prefer to have just a few great ones than lots and lots of occasional client connections. With freelance, if the fit or feel isn’t right, you can tweak or make adjustments to find situations and ways to approach them that do work. Sometimes, it’s just a case of finding a new way to connect with an existing client based upon what you’ve learned about them. For me, I love having the ability to work on a broad range of projects with different objectives and voices—but on the downside, I also have an exorbitantly high health-insurance premium to pay particularly as I am based in a state that precludes most professional groups and organizations from writing insurance here—so that makes it extremely expensive… my medical insurance, not even counting my dental insurance, costs MORE THAN MY MORTGAGE! That’s daunting and scary for sure. No one is putting aside profit sharing for you either, so it’s incumbent on us to plan and try to be like the proverbial squirrel and store supplies for the winter (read: future). I commit to working efficiently and with integrity and choose to affiliate with those who do the same. Finding just a few more great clients who do creative, well-considered work who are proud of being ethical in their dealings is about as good as it can get from my view!



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